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My deviation world

Sun Jul 16, 2006, 12:59 AM
Conceptual Fruits&Vegetables serie

TriRelationShip by blizzy123 Simple Life by blizzy123 Radical... by blizzy123 Not everything iswhat it looks by blizzy123 Peas of the same pod by blizzy123 Sharp Shield by blizzy123


My heart in your hand by blizzy123 Frozen Nature by blizzy123 We are women not objects by blizzy123 Light me... by blizzy123 Life... by blizzy123 Would you play with me? by blizzy123 Luck is in your hands by blizzy123 Gone... by blizzy123 Trash by blizzy123 waiting for you to come... by blizzy123 Flowers with dark tones by blizzy123

Land and WaterScapes

Pana, yesterday... by blizzy123 Ingenio 3 by blizzy123 A Hidden corner by blizzy123 Calm by blizzy123 San Juan La Laguna by blizzy123 My Dream Sky by blizzy123 From earth to hell by blizzy123

Wallpapers and Weird Ideas

How many squares do yo see? by blizzy123 Dead Time by blizzy123 B612 Principito-Petit Prince by blizzy123 5 lines to say... by blizzy123 Rebirth... by blizzy123 Pieces of my heart... by blizzy123

My country life

Wedding Day... by blizzy123 Vintage...2 by blizzy123 Vintage...1 by blizzy123 Alfombra by blizzy123 Mary... by blizzy123 Hold me... by blizzy123 A really old picture... by blizzy123


Should I...? by blizzy123 Me by blizzy123 My window... by blizzy123 Ethnic by blizzy123

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Sat May 20, 2006, 11:49 PM

I´ve been so so busy... Im sorry for the comments that I haven´t answer, I promisse I will!!! :D

Its been a rebirth, new things & thoughts, new time, everything is changing, yes... again changing... This is a reminder that everything always ends and begin...The only constant in universe in change :meditation:

I´ve been doing a few weird things, like wallpapers :picknose: jejeje!!
I will come back to conceptual pictures, this week I have a new Idea...:dance:

Thanx a lot for your constant support, you are always on my mind, Love you all :cuddle:

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Thanx :blowkiss:

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6times a weirdo

Fri Apr 21, 2006, 5:56 PM
I have been tag by my dear friends :iconhopeazul: ,:iconmetdude:  sweet :iconmoarato: and my dear friend :iconxlayn:

Rules: The first player of this game starts with the topic "six weird habits/things about yourself" and people who get tagged need to write a journal about their six weird habits/things as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose the next 6 people to be tagged and list them. Don't forget to leave a comment that says they are tagged in their page comments and tell them to read yours."

1. I have a lot of beige shoes and continue to buy more...
2. I have to use earrings everyday and at least 2 rings if I dont have them I cant get out of the house...
3. I'm scare of trips even when I love to travel :tears:,If somebody invites me to a travel, this person should tell me about 2 days before, if I have a lot of time to think it I simply don't go... I don't know exactly why...
4. I can move my ankle bones fast and in a weird way...
5. I love to find weird music and when I buy a CD I usually don't hear the songs that are play in the radio, I hear the others, the not famous...
6. I'm a bit agoraphobic (scare of people) even when I love my friends and have so good and close friends, its so hard for me to live with somebody (maybe because I have been only with my mother all my life and I don't know how to live a normal life with somebody else, Its so hard for me and honestly I don't know what to do, this is killing me now, again, because I will love to start something new with someone, but I got so scare, not conscious, unconscious that I sabotage my life with pains in my stomach and panic attacks, this is my biggest issue and I'm so so sad for this!!! :tears:)

This came out to be a so so sad journal... :rofl: I have never said this so public, a few people know about it, I think I have a lot more weird habits but maybe because of my mood of the day the only ones that I wrote were this, so many people have told me that Im weird that maybe now I dont really know what is weird or not in me :P

If somebody want to do it, be my guest :D

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10/5/2/3 things...

Sun Apr 2, 2006, 1:31 PM

I've been tag by the sweet :iconjlbetter:
I think this will be the last journal before the end of my subscription, please if somebody get my 3000 page views, please, please, please, Print the Screen and save it for me...
I will love you for the rest of my life If you do :blowkiss:

10 things you like:
1. Read before I go to bed
2. Spend time with friends
3. Meditate :meditation:
4. Embroid or weave pillows for my friends (every single one is different)
5. Watch Tv
6. Enjoy a good cup of tea
7. Cook for a special someone
8. Light incense sticks and oil essences
9. Play with PhotoShop and think on concepts that show a bit of my thoughts
10. Find weird music :D

3 things that make you happy:
1. Menthal Peace
2. Good talk
3. :meditation:

10 things that you hate:
1. Egocentric people
2. Egoism/Selfishness (jaja I dont know if this word exists)
3. Omnipotence  (Prepotencia)
4. Pessimism
5. Angry people (somedays the bad thing of me, are the others, Mafalda said that).
6. People who cheat
7. Liars
8. People that take advantage of others
9. Hot sunny days
10. Missunderstanding (is so simple to tell the true!!!) but we cover our selves in shields... bad idea :(

5 facts about yourself:
1. Im a veggie
2. I believe in metaphisic (Metafisica)
3. I try everyday to do the best I can of my day
4. Its difficult for me to get used to changes (Im working on that :))
5. Believe it or not I like to dance :dance:

2 things you expect (at least for now):

1. To have a college degree (Chemical Engineer)
2. To get married and have my own sweet, faithful and real family

4 random thoughts:
1. Que hueva
2. Im a bit worried about my tesis
3. I hope Holly week begins so I can interview my grandma for my family history (Im eager to write our story)
4. I dont know what to do later this day...
5. Im been having stomach pains every single fckng day for the last week, I hope I get used to go to work and stop having them...

Song you are listening:
"Para todo el mundo"--> Democracia Sonora (A great electronic guatemalan band)
Fly me to the moon-->Tony Bennet

HAve a sweet and lovely week :cuddle: :hug:

Happy Member of-->:iconguatemalan::icondesigningdivas::iconthe-heart::iconex-po-zure::iconseaclub:

Thanx :blowkiss:
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Answer:How many squares do you see?

Thu Mar 30, 2006, 2:25 PM
How many squares do you see?

The real answer to---> How many squares do yo see? by blizzy123 is that you can see as many squares as you want, if you read the comments of the deviation, not everybody see the same number, and here is the lesson, (you know me, This should be more than only a number, it has to have a more deep meaning ;))
We all are different people, with different tastes, faces, feelings, opinions and there is no absolute answer to everything, they might be a lot, it dependes of the point of view, so lets be tolerant :cuddle:

Here is the numerical answer (61) please full view of the journal or go to-->… the complete image

The 4 gray in one square arent squares, they are rectangles, so they don´t count...

:iconxlayn: is right too, because the picture is 500pixels x 500pixels, so it has to be 250000 squares made of pixels, plus the 61 more, so it could be 250061 squares...

Some other person could say that there´s actually no squares at all, because the aristas (joint points) are circles, so there is no real squares, so the answer could be NONE

It depends of your point of view, please dont hate me jajajaja :rofl:

Im working now, so I may comment on deviations, journals and anything until weekend, but I promise I will, I miss you !!! :tears: :cuddle:

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Thanx :blowkiss:
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Have a nice Saint Patrick's Day

Fri Mar 17, 2006, 12:37 AM
:shamrock: Have a nice Saint Patrick´s Day :shamrock:

The journal will be a bit informative, because we (Guatemala) don´t celebrate Saint Patrick´s Day... so here is a little resume of who he was:

Saint patrick was a bishop that went to Ireland, to convert the native pagans to Christianity, this fact upset the Celtic Druids. Saint Patrick was arrested several times, but escaped each time.

Irish tale that tells how Patrick used the three-leafed shamrock-->:shamrock: to explain the Trinity. He used it in his sermons to represent how the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit could all exist as separate elements of the same entity.

Saint Patrick is most known for driving the snakes from Ireland. It is true there are no snakes in Ireland, but there probably never have been - the island was separated from the rest of the continent at the end of the Ice Age. :P

Driving the snakes from Ireland was probably symbolic of putting an end to that pagan practice.

To me the message of the history (no matter which religion) is that if you want to do something you think is good, you have to do it, no matter how hard it is, like my today deviation said:

To make things happen you have to make it happen :giggle:

But please dont try to convert me to nothing!!! :rofl:

Happy Member of-->:iconguatemalan::icondesigningdivas::iconthe-heart::iconex-po-zure::iconseaclub:

Thanx :blowkiss:

Happy Bithday banshee69 and Tote :clap::cake::party:
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There's no place like home

Thu Mar 9, 2006, 12:29 PM

I obtained my final paper for graduation,  I will have to travel or live out of the capital city, I will go to " Puerto Quetzal " located in the harbor at 3 hours of the city, It starts on April, so I will not be very active hereabouts.

My paper´s topic is " Characterization of petroleum products in Guatemala " I do not know exactly what I will be doing, but it sounds interesting...

Here is my home but all the thinks that I built, friends and feelings will go with me whatever I do or go... I hope I will still live here and travel a few days of the month, but I dont know, my vacations are ending, but I will soon be an Engineer :D

I will miss U, this have become my life, but as my past phrase said "Change is the only constant in Universe" and it was about time for a change in my life, I will check the Deviant at weekends, thats for sure :cuddle:

Luv ya :hug:

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Thanx :blowkiss:
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Time of my life...

Fri Feb 24, 2006, 11:32 PM
I saw this quiz in some friend´s journal...
15 years ago

I was in school, probably reading "El Principito" and "Autentica Susy" I  was living in my grandparent´s  house...

10 years ago

I was in a "weird teenager phase" trying to define what I was... My mom and I changed to our own house, with my dear dog, he is like a brother to me :)

5 years ago

I was finishing highschool, extremely happy because I found such good friends, and nervous because I wanted to study Journalism or Chemical Engineer, nothing in common one with the other, but because I choose a college that was better in Engineer, I studied Chemical Engineer... weird desicion, because I always all my life wanted to study Journalism or a political carreer...

2 years ago

I was engage to marry (yes, you read it, tooo marry!!! ) I  thought that my life was great  as it was and that everything would be perfect, but life changes...
I was in the my third college year, with clases like: Thermodinamic, Flow of fluids, Physicochemical and stuff like that...

1 year ago

I was extremely sad because of my broken engagement, taking clases as refugee, going to the Gim, retaking my friends relationships, doing a looot of meditation :meditation: and taking a more spiritual life...


I finished College, searching for my EPS, its a practice without pay, for "experience"... necesary to my college degree...

I hate the smell of afternoons... we are in an extrange weather, one day warm the other really cold.. weird... global warming maybe...

Reading "mi pais inventado" i looove her, Isabel Allende rocks!!!

Listening to weird music like Electronic Tango, chill out, Electronic Indian music, etc... Deep forest, Alex Gopher and Bajo Fondo Tango club rules!! :dance: jejeje

Actually Im pretty happy, nooo,  Extremely happy!!
I love my life as it is now, I do a lot of thinking, I do meditation, I will love to learn something like Quaigo, Yoga or Tai chi (my mom is teaching me a bit of it :P), I read a lot now, Im learning Photo Shop by myself, building a little web site, taking a lot of pictures, writting in my blog.

In march I will start a Diplomado "Fundamentos y administración de la calidad" (Fundaments and Quality Administration" or something like that :P
I will study Journalism (finally, next year I hope)

I enjoy a lot of what Im doing and the best part of all, is that I have such a good friends that are everyday with me and believe me, the first thing I do every morning is log in DeviantArt!! and I love when I see that I have new comments or deviations in my watch

Im glad that I found every single one of U, thanx for make my life better everyday and give me all the smiles and heart-hugs that you give me, my life wouldn´t be as good as it is without you, I met new friends here(really good friends, probably soul mates) in deviantArt, and Im glad and happy to say that even when it has been little time, I luv ya, you are tremendous, thanx for be a part of my life :cuddle: and for watching my weird concepts of life...

:cuddle: :tears:<---(this are happy tears)

Josh I miss your comments (hasta en negrillas y cursiva, tal vez así decis algo y salis de tu mudencia :X)

Happy Member of-->:iconguatemalan::icondesigningdivas::iconthe-heart:

Thanx :blowkiss:
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Winner 'Be my deviant'

Fri Feb 17, 2006, 9:35 AM

Thanx to all the entries :cuddle: Great creativity :clap:

And the winner is:
Cha cha cha chaaaaannn!!!!!!
:trophy::spotlight-left::thumb29003960: made by:iconxxdarkshine: :spotlight-right::trophy:

Thanx to:
:icon956wulfe: :iconneccie: :iconbanshee69::iconstfv20: :iconchrisleo:
:iconblizzy123: :iconkocoman: :iconmoarato: :iconjlbetter:
:iconhopeazul: :iconjakobius: :icontote::icontonyumanaphotography: :iconbluemisery:

Im truelly glad for your interest, because I never imagine that all of you will participate.. I was concern that nobody will enter :P but we had 15 entries :dance:!!!

Thanx a big big bunch to the judges and for passing by :cuddle: :hug:


Thanx :blowkiss:
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Winner 'Be my deviant'

Tue Feb 14, 2006, 8:08 PM
Thanx to all the entries :cuddle: Great creativity :clap:

And the winner is:
Cha cha cha chaaaaannn!!!!!!
:trophy::spotlight-left::thumb29003960: made by:iconxxdarkshine: :spotlight-right::trophy:

Thanx to:
:icon956wulfe: :iconneccie: :iconbanshee69::iconstfv20: :iconchrisleo:
:iconblizzy123: :iconkocoman: :iconmoarato: :iconjlbetter:
:iconhopeazul: :iconjakobius: :icontote::icontonyumanaphotography: :iconbluemisery:

Im truelly glad for your interest, because I never imagine that all of you will participate.. I was concern that nobody will enter :P but we had 15 entries :dance:!!!

Thanx a big big bunch to the judges and for passing by :cuddle: :hug:


Thanx :blowkiss:

Drop the Hate Stamp by mattdanna I support Guatemala Stamp by tessycaspine I know stamp by EvilSaku I support Animal rights stamp by deviantStamps Spiritual Awareness stamp by deviantStamps Lost soul stamp by deviantStamps Blame it on the sofa stamp by deviantStamps I support the baby stamp by deviantStamps The MEGA stamp by deviantStamps Photographers stamp 1of5 by deviantStamps
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Deadline today :)

Sun Feb 12, 2006, 12:42 PM
:frail:Be my deviant Guatemalan contest....
We :iconguatemalan: are doing a contest for Valentines day, it can be any any Deviation
Theme: Love, Desamor, conceptual, abstract, anything that inspire you the Valentine Day...
Deadline: Sunday 12/02/2006
We are doing this to activate our comunity ;)
Submit it in your space and send me a note or a note to :iconguatemalan: page... if you want to comment about anything of this, please go ----> HERE

We have this Entries by the moment :dance::
-Be My Deviant Contest- by 956Wulfe--->:icon956wulfe:
spiky love by stfv20--->:iconstfv20:
love by KOCOMAN--->:iconkocoman:
Pieces of my heart... by blizzy123--->:iconblizzy123:
Be my deviant 2006 by Jlbetter--->:iconjlbetter:
bye, bye myheart by Hopeazul--->:iconhopeazul:
the difference... by TOTE--->:icontote:
HAPPY VALENTINE by moarato--->:iconmoarato:    


:thumb28427301: Mmm stamp by Hopeazul :iconguatemalan: :thumb27899856:
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Slap, again...

Sat Jan 28, 2006, 2:48 AM

1. Grab the book nearest to you, turn to page 18, and find line 4.
"algebráico de los símbolos para unidades consideradas independientemente de la magnitud" (McCAbe Operaciones Unitarias, :rofl: Ingeniería Química)

2. Stretch your left arm out as far as you can.
the printer

3. What is the last thing you watched on TV?
Law & Order

4. Without looking, guess what time it is.
01:40 am

5. Now look at the clock. What is the actual time?

6. With the exception of the computer, what can you hear?

7. When did you last step outside? What were you doing?
shopping!! my new camera!!!

8. Before you started this survey, what did you look at?
Photo Shop

9. What are you wearing?
blue pants and a purple sweater (my pijama)

10. Did you dream last night?
Yep!! It was about my uncle and the Pharma principal... (to much work :P)

11. When did you last laugh?
about 2 min ago

12. What is on the walls of the room you are in?
8 painting made by me... my mom degrees tittles, calendars

13. Seen anything weird lately?
mmm a ghost (its true :( )

14. What do you think of this quiz?
mmm nothing...

15. What is the last film you saw?
The chronicles of Narnia (I dont know how to spell it :P)

16. If you became a multi-millionaire overnight, what would you buy?
New computer, books, a great Tv set, home theater, a big farm so I can take the homeless dogs and cats and have them there

17. Tell me something about you that I don't know.
I am not  "that" innocent as your you believe I am... ;)

18. If you could change one thing about the world, regardless of guilt or politics, what would you do?
Abolish Egoism

19. Do you like to dance?
Yep :dance:

20. George Bush

21. Imagine your first child is a girl, what do you call her?

22. Imagine your first child is a boy, what do you call him?

23. Would you ever consider living abroad?
Italy, Germany, Canada...

24. What do you want God to say to you when you reach the pearly gates?
Wazzup girl!!!  :rofl: I dont know!! if I get to heaven, it would be a true miracle!!! :rofl:

25. 4 people who must also do this in THEIR journal.
:iconcl502: :iconbluemisery: :icontito1199: :iconjakobius:  and anyone that wants to do it...ahh :icontote: you own me a previous journal, so.. answer this one, please;)

:thumb28427301: Mmm stamp by Hopeazul :iconguatemalan: :thumb27899856:
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Friends deviations!!

Wed Jan 18, 2006, 7:50 PM

Im glad you all are in my life...
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:teddy: Happy New Year!!!!  :butterflytwo:
Its the same journal that the previous, but to those of my friends that havent use this great stuff, I will post it again... and to those that are using it, yey!! its great, saves us a lot of time!!!  :boogie:

Finally, Im going out on vacations!!! because my dog is better :dance:, so i would travel to meet  my family,  Im extremely happy  :excited: , but, I will be out for some days, maybe I can get an internet conexion there, so If I can, woojo!! I will be really really happy, so, see ya in a few days, luv U all!!!

First, you have to be Firefox Mozilla user, thenInstall the GreaseMonkey extension for Firefox here--->, so this plug ins can work!!

  :bug:This… is totally great!!! you can preview the deviations at your watch, if you are not a subscriber, this is what my friends and I, not subscribers, have been searching, I know you will be happy to use it, so you dont have to click in to view every deviation, its extremely usefull, try it, I love it --->…

:bug:With this… you will download a plug in that install a Comment Bar, so you can use easilly the bold, cursive, icons, etc..
Try it you will not regret it --->…

:bug:This… is a script that shows thumbnails of the previous two and next two deviations in the gallery you're viewing, underneath the current deviation. It allows you to skip between deviations in a gallery without having to use the back button or switch tabs.
Its great, try it--->…

:bug:This one… searches for various deviantART pages through Google.
mmmm.. I dont use it, but you can try --->…

Big kisses and hugs!!! see yaa!!!
:dance: ----> thats me, this days!!!

Thanx a lot :icontriagon: for the links!! :cuddle:
:santa: Merry Christmas!!!! :rudolph:
This is my present to all my  :devart: friends.. and I know thats this is to all of us, Deviant addicts, a great great present :)

Im home alone, because my dog is sick :tears:, so i couldn´t  travel with my family, but naaa I dont care, because Im extremely happy  :excited: , I was surfing the Da, and I found this incredible dirs to those who use Mozilla Firefox (Im in love with this navigator) so my Christmas  has been incredibly productive yey!!!!!

First, Install the GreaseMonkey extension for Firefox here--->, so this plug ins can work!!

:holly:This… is totally great!!! you can preview the deviations at your watch, if you are not a subscriber, this is what my friends and I, not subscribers, have been searching, I know you will be happy to use it, so you dont have to click in to view every deviation, its extremely usefull, try it, I love it --->…

:holly:With this… you will download a plug in that install a Comment Bar, so you can use easilly the bold, cursive, icons, etc..
Try it you will not regret it --->…

:holly:This… is a script that shows thumbnails of the previous two and next two deviations in the gallery you're viewing, underneath the current deviation. It allows you to skip between deviations in a gallery without having to use the back button or switch tabs.
Its great, try it--->…

:holly:This one… searches for various deviantART pages through Google.
mmmm.. I dont use it, but you can try --->…

I hope you use it and love it like Im loveing it!!! Im truely and xtremely happy :excited: I hope you have great hollidays, big hugs and see ya
:alienxmas: ----> thats me this eves!!!
Este año hemos notado la disminución en compras en los almacenes, siempre sale gente a pasear por los almacenes, siguen las rebajas, el "lleve, lleve aproveche..." pero al llegar a la caja... son pocas personas las q estan comprando... y me pregunto.. sera por la fecha?.. faltan 4 días y el trafico es terrible, la gente esta malhumorada, los niños lloran, en la esquina los mendigos siguen pidiendo dinero, es una epoca extraña, días calurosos intercalados con los invernales... un colage de situaciones... la cuenta regresiva se va acortando, se acerca "el día más hermoso del año" se nos termina el año!! empieza el 2006 a acostumbrarnos a escribir nueva fecha, la locomotora del tiempo no para y he querido detenerla y reflexionar:

Realmente cual es el significado de estas fechas?

La familia, los amigos, la convivencia, a esto se reduce. Los regalos son agradables, es una manera de demostrar el cariño q se siente, dejar una marca material en la memoria de la persona... pero q es lo verdaderamente importante?, opino q  la sonrisa al recibir el regalo, poder demostrar a los demás que son apreciados, lo material es finito, algun día terminara.. pero ese calorcito en el alma, esa emoción, esa alegría al destapar el regalo quedara por siempre.. y no es necesario un regalo físico, la verdad es esa, basta y sobra con la amistad y el cariño... que cosa más preciada q el corazon?

Este año, la situación económica en el pais (Guatemala) es muy dificil y nos ha obligado a vivir la navidad espiritual, la q no da regalos costosos, sino convivir con nuestros seres queridos y disfrutar del tiempo que tenemos...
Espero que estas fechas sean de mucho provecho para cada uno de nosotros y que tengamos paciencia.. mucha paciencia... regalar una sonrisa y un te quiero verdadera... felices fiestas :cuddle:
Well after been slap afew times, I decide to answer.. (I have nothing to do, soo.. :giggle: )

1.   I believe Karma exist, so I try to make everything the best I can.
2.   Im a veggie.
3.   I love Animals.
4.   I hate bossy and negative people.
5.   I believe love makes the world work, not only romantic love, every kind
      of  love.
6.   My favorite color is baby blue.. and green.. blue too.
7.   I like weird music, like Electronik Tango, Drum & Bass, New Age, etc..
8.   I prefer a good conversation than a beautiful face (naa everybody is
      beatiful in its own way, when I say "beautiful face" I refer to superficial
      people ).
9.   I ended College this year (Chemical Engineering).
10. I think 1 person can make the diference in this world.
11. Im a pacifist, like my DA friends can testify.
12. I usually go to sleep at 3-4am.
13. I prefer a rainy and cold day than sunny and hot day.
14. My favorite hobby is read books.
15. My fav writer is Isabel Allende.
16. I would like to write a book someday..
17. When I was a little girl, I dreamed to work at NASA (well if I have some time
      I probably will.. naa, maybe)
18. I feel older than I am.
19. Im a good listener.
20. Always, always rains in my birthday..
21. I believe things happens for a reason, so Im a new believer that change is
      essencial, to make our selves better people...

Ohhh I could continue.. but it would be a little bit burring.. please, 20 things about you?
Pues como dice el titulo, se cerró un capitulo... pero es apenas el principio del libro... y vienen muchos más... solo estamos comenzando...

Ayer fue el cierre de la Universidad, el último día de lo que ha sido mi vida por los ultimos 5 años...

En la Universidad que estudio, cuando se empiezan las clases, se hace un bautizo, el el que no importa la posición social, económica, étnica, todos son bautizados como iguales, la bienvenida al mundo universitario es tirarse a una pila de 8 x 2 m lllena de agua, todos de la misma manera sin consideraciones para con nadie y al finalizar la Universidad, se cierra el circulo de la misma manera, tirandose a la pileta :)

Resultará absurdo para algunos, pero la sensación de estar chapoteando en el agua y saber que es el final de la carrera, es incomparable,una alegría inmensa, estar con los amigos con los que hemos sufrido desveladas, preocupaciones, alegrías y despues del compañerismo obligado, poder afirmar que con el tiempo y atenciones que nos hemos tenido, tengo 32 amigos que no cambiaría por nada del mundo.

Siento una mezcla de nostalgía, tristeza, alegría inmensa, alivio, preocupación, porque que voy a hacer el otro año??, es un mix de emociones que agradezco tener, porque cuando empezé la U, no me imaginé que este día llegaría..

Les agradezco muchichichichisisimo a mis DA friends, por ser tan importantes en mi vida, por en tan poquito tiempo, haberse combertido en lo primero y ultimo de mi día, por los buenos deseos para los examenes (la vibra +), por tantas platicas y sobre todo por ser honestos y realmente buenos amigos y preocuparse por mis huesitos :) Los quiero mucho, y bueno como en el anterior jounal no lo hice por "hueva" en este lo hare...

Aclarando que me pondre sentimental, empiezo la lista de agradecimiento, Gracias a:
:iconhopeazul: por haberte convertido en un super amigazo en tan poquito tiempo, por platicar conmigo a todas horas, por compartir un pedacito de tu vida y de tu tiempo, gracias por los mensajitos, por tenerme en tu mano, por haberme dado la sorpresota de llegar a mi cierre, no me la creía, tu me diste el ataque cardiaco!!! no tengo palabras (lo cual en mi resulta rarisimo) para demostrarte lo mucho que me alegra que seas mi amigo, de los que se cuenta con los dedos de la mano de un hombre manco, como dijo alguien algún día, GRacias Totales :cuddle:

:iconjkno: Gracias por las conversaciones vía messenger de permanencia voluntaria, rompiendo records en horas de la madrugada, por que me dejes ser "Querida Lupita" compartiendo tu vida y dejarme quejar de vez en cuando, por haberme consolado aquel día, gracias por ofrecerme tu sincera amistad y por aceptar la mía, thanx a lot :cuddle:

:icontote: Gracias por volver a tener la relación que teniamos cuando tu todavía ibas a la Universidad y yo era una chiquilla con faldita escocesa, que llevabas a clases, gracias a ti, estuve en mi primer lab de quimica, por ser un apoyo grandisimo en mi vida, por ser como un hermano cuando yo era chiquita y ser un amigo y consejero, ahora que ya crecí. Por llevarme al cine a ver Dumbo, pero entramos a ver Star Trek e iniciaste uno de mis grandes vicios... Por ser una piedra angular para mi en la familia, te quiero mucho y gracias por haber llegado al chapuzon :cuddle:

:iconbityy: Gracias tula por ser la hermana que biologicamente nunca tuve, por compartir tu vida conmigo, por platicarme tus cosas y considerar mi opinión importante, gracias por acompañarme en cada momento, por las conversaciones enormes en cualquier vía de comunicación, por ser mi tapadera, por los muchos mates de risa y por dejarme ser tan boba como yo quiera y aceptarme no importa las tonteras que haga, te quiero mucho tula y gracias por haber llegado, significó mucho para mi :cuddle:

:iconjlbetter: Gracias porque fuiste el primer amigo DA que tuve en el messenger, por los escritos geniales que compartes con nosotros, así tambien como los commentarios, por estar a cualquier hora disponible y saludar siempre, gracias por la manzana, ahh porque sino, te cae reglazo (neh son mentiras), gracias por ser parte de todos mis días, espero que todo vaya bien Con Tigo, ok? :cuddle:

:iconguatemalan: y :icontessycaspine: Gracias porque se te ocurrió la genial idea de la comunidad de Guatemala, por la buena administración, por las platicas, por los mensajitos en el shoutbox!! porque me diste algo interesante a lo cual pertenecer y que no pasa 1 solo día sin que revise la comunidad, creo que la veo más que mis correos, por eso, muchas gracias, espero que te haya salido todo bien en la U, y saludos a los UVG`s :cuddle:

:icongvbbo: Gracias por los comentarios buenisimos que haces ya sea en mi site o en la de los amigos, siempre me sacas una sonrisota, porque le vez angulos que yo no les he visto a las cosas, como platicabamos con un amigo, si pudiera favoritear los commentarios, serías seguramente de los que tendrían más favs de mi parte.

:iconselfincontact: GRacias por leer y entender en español, por los comentarios amables e interesantes que haces, me alegra mucho cuando veo que comentaste algo mío y muchas gracias por los favs que me has dado, tengo pendiente la interpretación del sueño, no se me olvida... :cuddle:

En resumen, gracias a todos ustedes y a algunos más que no escribí algo personal, pero que saben que siempre me alegra saber de ustedes a traves de comentarios o de messenger, realmente gracias  por darle un giro atractivo a mi vida con ideas hermosas que de otra manera no podría tener acceso tan facilmente, gracias por estar conmigo en este cambio de etapa, los quiero mucho y espero que la amistad se cultive pa siempre, estoy segura que así sera :)
I was slap by the new boy :icongvbbo: today, I finally, after 3 months, changed my journal, but this was better, Thanx...

The Threes:

Three names you go by
1. Pastelito (cake)
2. Bliss
3. Magdia

Three screen names you've had
1. blissy
2. blizzy
3. bliss (I really love all the variations of bliss)

Three physical things you like about yourself
1. My hands
2. My hair
3. My mouth... an other parts.. but there might be children looking ;)

Three physical things you don't like about yourself
1. My right Wrist
2. Cheeks
3. Ankles

Three parts of your heritage
1. Guatemalan
2. Spanish
3. alien :alien: .. I dont know...

Three things that scare you
1. Thieves
2. Close Rooms
3. Loneliness

Three of your everyday essentials
1. PC
2. Books
3. My friends

Three things you are wearing right now
1. Blue navy T-shirt
2. Sport pants
3. Silver Bracelets

Three of your favorite bands/musical artists
1. Deep Forest
2. Nirvana
3. Bob Marley

Three of your favorite songs
1. Blue Moon - Deep Forest
2. Losing my Religion-REM
3. Jamming - Bob Marley

Three new things you want to try in the next 12 months
1. Become a Chemical Engineer
2. Get a job
3. Travel and buy a webcam!! (I know they shold be only 3, but.. I really want a webcam!!! so.. )

Three things you want in a relationship
1. Honesty
2. Trust
3. A good friend.. not only a boyfriend..

Two truths and a lie
1. hmmm.. Life its not a problem to be solve its a reallity to be experience..
2. Happiness its not a state to arrive, its a way of traveling..
3. Santa does exists!!

Three things about the opposite sex that appeal to me
1. Intelligence
2. Honesty
3. Good Talker...

Three of your favorite hobbies
1. Read books
2. The computer...
3. Spend time with my friends..doing nothing, just resting and chating...

Three things you want to do really badly right now
1. Have more Ram Memory
2. Go on vacations!!!
3. Eat a grape icecream!! :)

Three careers you're considering
1. Journalist
2. Environmental Adviser
3. Process optimizador

Three places I want to go on vacation
1. Italy
2. New Zeland
3. Nepal

Three things to do before I die
1. Meet the Dalai Lama
2. Have my own family
3. Write a book

Three celeb crushes
1. Patrick Steward (I bet, nobody knows who he is.. its better that way LOL)
2. Rider Strong
3. Im not really the kind of girl that have celebrity crushes, so.. sorry, just the
    two before...

Now Im SLAPing:

Nothing new

Sat Nov 19, 2005, 12:09 AM

Toy probando si funciona :thumb18715296:
San Juan La Laguna by blizzy123

Tragicomedy: :boo:
Its been a long time, and I havent change my journal, looking for inspiration to write something clever, but today, if it does not go as I had wished .. there it goes, anyway...

Summary of my current life:
I am in end of term tests in the university :work:  , which I hope to win, because if everything goes out well, this one is my last semester in College .. and soon I will be a Chemical Engineer!!!

When I began this adventure,I never imagine the turns that my life would give and to see backward and try to seek for that girl :flirty:   full of dreams in the mirror and to find someone a bit different now, but with the same soul, it is something that impresses me .. because my life is changing, suddently  I realize that Im an  ADULT :granny:  !!! Time flies...:floating:  

I wanted to be grateful to  the special friends that I have done in this space, (I did not put names, because write every icon .. it is a little bit difficult .. but you know who you are, ok? please forgive me..., believe me, you are really important to me :hug: ), every day you give me a great smile :) on having seen your comments :pc:  , Deviations :gallery:  , or simply  say hello:bye:  !!! Believe me.. you make my day!!!
Luv you !!! :cuddle:

Thanx to the lovely :iconguatemalan: :community:  

Mi tragicomedia :boo: :
Hace mucho tiempo que no cambiaba mi journal, buscando inspiración para escribir algo clever, pero hoy, aunque no salga como yo hubiera deseado.. alli va..
Resumen de mi vida actual:
Estoy en finales en la universidad, los cuales espero ganar, porque si todo sale bien, este es mi ultimo semestre en la Universidad :work:  .. y pronto seré una Ingeniera Química!!

Cuando empezé esta aventura, jamas me imagine las vueltas que la vida daría y ver hacia atras y tratar de buscar a aquella niña :flirty: llena de sueños en el espejo y encontrar a alguien un poco diferente ahora, pero con la misma alma, es algo que me impresiona.. porque mi vida esta cambiando, derepente me di cuenta que soy ADULTO :granny:!!! como pasó el tiempo de rapido...:floating:  

Les quería agradecer a los amigos especiales que he hecho en este espacio, no puse el icono de cada uno, porque es algo dificil, pero ustedes saben quienes son, ok?, por favor perdonen este exceso de hueva pa escribir los iconos :hug:)todos los días me dan una gran sonrisa :) al ver sus comentarios :pc:  , sus Deviations :gallery:  , o simplemente poder decir un hola, que tal estas :bye:  ?

Gracias a la super comunidad, de la que estoy re contenta de pertenecer :iconguatemalan: :community:  Los quiero mucho :)